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4:03 p.m. - 2004-05-31
apologies to non-parents...
(Natalie, skip this entry. ;))

Long time, no see.

Lots has happened around here lately. Let me just hit the high points.

--My mom came to visit. We did not kill each other, nor did we have any significant fights (of the type where she or I one ends up storming off to their bedroom). This is noteworthy.

--I've managed to keep on top of the laundry/housework and keep the place reasonably clean (with Steve's help, of course) since my mom left. This, too, is noteworthy. Right now there are no dirty clothes in the house except what we're wearing, and I just changed the sheets on our bed. Good stuff. I'm really trying to make an effort, since, well, I don't particularly *like* living in a pigsty and my mom gave me a good start when she was here.

--The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser rocks. 'Nuff said. And it is just amazing how you don't notice how nasty the floor of the shower is until you clean part of it.

And then the really big news around here. Since I last talked to you, Jamie is sleeping in a Big Boy Bed (TM) and is on the road to potty training!! How did this all come about, you may ask?

Well, the Big Boy Bed thing happened as a result of Jamie deciding to start climbing out of his crib. We left him in there for a few nights, but finally ended up taking the side off (the crib converts to a toddler bed). Then we put up a bed rail (we'd had one from when Jamie used to sleep with us long long ago) but it seemed to annoy him more than anything else and it was making it hard for him to get in and out of bed, so after a few nights we got rid of it. So far there's been absolutely no falling out of bed or anything like that.

Of course, now that I've said that he will fall out tonight.

As far as the potty thing goes, we've been sorta kinda working on it for a while, but although Jamie liked wearing his Big Boy Underwear (of course, what kid wouldn't want Bob the Builder underwear???) he didn't seem to have any inclination to use the potty and he was having a lot of accidents. Yesterday, I decided to put him in underwear in the late afternoon and he immediately asked to use the potty. I put him on there and sat down on the bed, not expecting anything to happen, so imagine my surprise when I heard a "water running" sound and went in to find that he had peed in the potty!

He continued to use the potty all evening (the main incentive, surprisingly enough, seems to be getting to flush the potty! Even though I was more than willing to give bribes, that didn't interest him nearly as much) and we put him into underwear first thing this morning. Aside from 2 poop incidents, which are understandable (I don't think he's got the hang of doing that in the potty yet) he's only had one accident all day and in fact, he got upset when I went to put him into a diaper for naptime! I ended up putting his underwear on over the diaper, and he was totally dry when he woke up.

So....we could be heading into the land of Not a Baby Anymore a lot sooner than I was anticipating! It's scary and good at the same time. I'll certainly be happy not to change diapers anymore (although I've always said that when Jamie is "all grown up" I'm going to want another baby, and I'm already feeling the stirrings of that, scarily enough...) but I'm going to miss him being a baby.

Of course, he's still nursing and I'd imagine he'll keep that up until he's in college, at this rate. So I'm not worried yet. ;)

I hate that I've been so lax about updating here. I can only encourage you to email me for information about the other journal, which is where a lot of my day to day thoughts get put these days.

bye for now,

-baf :)


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