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10:37 p.m. - 2004-04-17
really boring description of my day
Another lovely day today. So of course, we went to the mall. :) I needed a camisole to wear under my competition top for next weekend, and ended up getting 'just a few' other things at Lane Bryant--2 bras, 4 shirts, and the camisole. We also got a pair of sandals for the munchkin. They look, um...exactly like his sandals from last summer. Because I am lame. ;) They're so cute, though! I want to get him these sneakers for the summer, but no one seems to carry them, so I think I'm going to end up ordering them online. Jamie also racked up 3 pairs of socks and 2 polo shirts (1 grey, 1 navy) at Children's Place. Fun fun. :)

After Jamie's nap we went to Outback. We had to go early because I was going out this evening with Natalie and her dad, but since *Jamie* was hungry at normal lunch time, we'd already fed him at noon, so he was unsurprisingly not hungry at 3 pm. :) He was really really good anyway, even though he didn't eat. He read books and chatted with us and was generally a happy munchkin. :)

Then this evening I went out with Natalie and her dad to get Mexican food. That was fun. I got to have taco salad, and fried ice cream (which....apparently, ice cream dipped in coconut and Rice Krispies qualifies as fried ice cream. Who knew?) and then afterward we went back to Natalie's and her dad and I got to gang up on her. ;) She said he doesn't talk much but I think he was relatively talkative around me. Anyway, I'm hoping he, you know, liked me. Cause it'd be nice if one of our parents liked everyone. ;)

Tomorrow...I think Jamie and Steve are going to watch baseball and I think Natalie and I are going shopping. :)

bye for now,

-baf :)


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