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7:03 p.m. - 2004-04-16
decisions decisions
A couple of people have been asking so I figured I'd update. :)

A little change to the sidebar: I added a Blogroll. It only contains the non-diaryland journals I read, since I can easily keep up with d-land journals. :) I need to get a new Jamie picture for the sidebar, too.

It's finally spring weather here and my mood has been improving by leaps and bounds. It's amazing what a little bit of sunshine will do. I seriously think I have SAD. The Happy For SAD shower gel from Lush helps some, but not enough, especially when it's rainy all week like it has been here. Yesterday and today have been pretty nice, though, even though it was pretty windy yesterday. Jamie and I went up to PA to visit some friends and went to a very cool playground near their house. It would have been downright pleasant if it hadn't been so windy, but the kids had fun and I got to hold a cute baby, so I guess that's what counts. :)

Then today, Jamie and I were out most of the morning. We went out to breakfast, to the grocery store, and then to the playground, where we met a very nice woman who runs a home daycare and has two kids in her care that are Jamie's age. They had a blast playing together and we stayed for about an hour and a half.

Jamie is getting to be quite the amazing little kid. He's getting close to reading, I can tell (he's showing signs like being able to tell what books are about from the cover, being able to tell the story by looking at the pictures, etc), and he's talking up a *storm* these days. Long sentences, too. There are recent pictures, as always, at his website over there in the sidebar. Most recent pictures are from Easter and from dyeing Easter eggs, although there are more recent ones than that on the camera, we just have to get around to putting them up.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same old same old around here. My chorus is getting ready to go to competition next weekend, and I'm excited/nervous about that, of course. I've been feeling sort of restless with Sweet Adelines lately. Getting into a quartet has helped that, even if we're nowhere near competition level yet--we have an awful lot of fun anyway! I think I may take a break at some point soon and do something different. Maybe local theatre--I've missed that like you wouldn't believe.

My SuperGold! membership expires in a little under a month. I've been weighing my options. I wouldn't stay at d-land without my gold membership--I'm way too used to having all my features. So it's renew the gold or leave d-land completely. I've been looking at TypePad, or possibly installing Moveable Type on my own machine (but then I'd need a domain name!). I also have that livejournal, which gets updated a lot more frequently than this one does these days. (It is not hard to find if you look, and accounts are free over there these days, and that's all I'm saying about that. It's mostly friends-only but if you find me and friend me I'll most likely add you back, especially if you let me know you're from here.)

I don't know. I need to decide soon, I guess. Comments welcomed. :)

bye for now,

-baf :)


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