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12:27 p.m. - 2004-02-05
right then, where were we?
I'm just going to pretend like it *hasn't* been a really long time since I updated. Okay? :)

We've had a good morning around here. I definitely notice a pattern in terms of my mood and how it relates to the state of the house. When I'm feeling depressed or upset about something I don't get motivated to do anything, and it shows. Food doesn't get cooked, laundry doesn't get done, we spend way too much money ordering pizza and stuff (corollary of not cooking) and in general the place just looks like a sty. Then, when I'm happier again, or maybe just more determined, stuff gets done. And I mean stuff all the way from catching up on the backlog of laundry and dishes to cleaning under the burners on the stove and vacuuming behind chairs (both actual chores done here in the past week!).

So between today and yesterday, I've done five loads of laundry, I've done dishes and run the dishwasher (and I'm actually being pretty good about putting things *in* the dishwasher immediately after I'm done with them, rather than letting them sit around, which is a novelty), and I've vacuumed the hallway and part of the living room (including the aforementioned "behind the chair"). Next on the agenda is the bunny cage, and then I'll finish vacuuming in the living room. And I think that's going to about do it for household stuff for me today, aside from cooking dinner. But that's *enough*, isn't it? :)

My mom will be here in a week. She will, but that's not why I'm cleaning. At least it's not *mostly* why I'm cleaning. :) I've just been feeling a general urge to be more organized and less cluttered lately, and I'm trying to indulge that urge whenever I can find the time.

I have more time lately, since my personal involvement with the Dean campaign has pretty much come to an end with the end of the Delaware primary season on Feb. 3. I won't deny that I'm disappointed about the results. I really do think that it's a product of Dean simply not spending his time/effort on the Feb 3 states. He spent more time in the early states of Iowa and NH, hoping to win there, and now he's focusing on MI, WA, and Wisconsin--the latter is considered to be his "make-or-break" state. I do still like Dean, and I will be a supporter to the end, but I won't lie and tell you I'm not looking around for other options. So far the best non-Dean option seems to be Edwards as far as I'm concerned--which of course means that he's also doomed. I really don't much like Kerry, but I like him better than Bush, so I'll hold my nose and vote for him if it comes down to it.

Enough ranting. I'm off to do some more stuff around here and maybe play a little Civ III before the munchkin wakes up. :)

Oh wait, I almost forgot! If you want to know how to get access to my "super secret" journal (ha ha), please *email me* with that request instead of leaving me comments. Especially if the comment doesn't have an address attached to it, causing me to have no idea who you are. Not that that's *happened*, or anything.... ;)

bye for now,



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