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2:09 p.m. - 2003-12-06
snow day!
I was bored yesterday so I decided to do some changing around here. I made a new doll, uploaded a new Jamie picture (that's him playing in the snow yesterday, btw--how cute is that?). Next up is archives, I think. And then, I keep tossing around the idea of a new layout, but I just like my layout so much it's hard to think about changing it. Plus Natalie did this layout, I suck at doing them myself, and she's pretty busy right now with her own stuff.

So, snow! We had an inch or two yesterday, and then a whole bunch more this morning. I haven't measured, but I'd estimate there's probably 4 or 5 inches out there, at least. Enough that I don't want to go anywhere. So we ordered pizza for late lunch/early dinner, and I'm doing laundry and we're cleaning. Supposedly. I got the table mostly cleaned off and picked up Jamie's toys, and we're also supposed to be working on the kitchen, but that will probably wait until after Jamie goes to bed, because he is, shall we say, less than helpful when it comes to cleaning. :)

Today I think the snow is too deep for him to play in (especially without snow pants--he'd sink!), but yesterday it wasn't and we had a grand time traipsing around in it. Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures, and I think this one is my favorite. :)

Going to read to the munchkin and wait for the pizza to come now. Happy day!

bye for now,

-baf :)


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