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9:16 p.m. - 2003-12-01
I know, an update--control your excitement...
November was sort of a chaotic month for me overall, which may explain my lack of updating, or not. I don't know. I had some personal upheaval and just general busyness, and I kept thinking of stuff I wanted to write and then by the time I got home to post it, I'd either have forgotten it or not have time to post it. Does that happen to you guys, or is it just me?

Anyway...Jamie got pictures taken with Santa today. They're cute. I took a few with my camera as well as getting the professional shots, and this is my favorite of the ones I took. I also did a wee bit of Christmas shopping--bought one present, and did some brainstorming for other people. Of course, I've already gotten Natalie her present--in the form of a plane ticket to get Prufrock out here after Christmas--but I do want to get her a tangible gift as well, regardless of what she says. :) I bought one thing for Steve, but his major present is going to be his new winter coat, which he already knows--money does not grow on trees in this house, and we can't really afford to spend tons on Christmas this year. I know what I'm getting for Jamie (he's getting a Play-Doh Barrel and a Power Touch Learning System from us), I just have to drag myself out to buy it. The Power Touch is coming from WalMart because it's way cheaper there (even though reading this article about WalMart today makes me feel guilty for buying anything at all from them), but they don't have the Play-Doh Barrel, so I'll be going to Toys'R'Us for that. Other people....ugh. I know what my mom's getting, and I came up with a splendid idea for MIL today, but as for everyone else, I don't know.

We had our first Sweet Adelines Christmas concert last night, which officially kicked off the performing season for us. We aren't doing Singing Christmas Cards this year, in part because we only have one tenor at the moment, but we do have a total of 5 performances between now (well, yesterday) and Dec. 13th. So we're busybusybusy. And then our annual party, which this year is combined with our 25th anniversary party, is on the 16th, and I leave for Tennessee on the 19th. Eeek! So much to do, so little time. The concert went well last night, though, and I was pleased that Natalie was able to come up for it. Afterward we went out with some friends of mine from chorus--K, and her husband B. They are nice people, and really fun to hang out with, but both of them (him in particular) have a pretty huge blind spot with regard to non-heterosexual people. Which, as you might be able to imagine, leaves me biting my tongue a *lot*, and Natalie too. I about said something to him at one point (he'd insinuated that he thought our waiter at Applebee's was gay, and said something obnoxious about how it was disgusting and the guy had better not start hitting on him), but I managed to refrain. I rarely see the guy, and I have the feeling that K. is a lot less conservative about it all when she's not around him, so I just let it drop. It was a fun evening, and it's nice to get out and do social things every now and then.

Oh, and can I say that I just got the new Tori Amos CD (Tales of a Librarian) and I absolutely love it? Listening right now, in fact.

One of these days I'm going to have to post a file of Jamie talking. He's getting so cute these days. I made a PhonePost on LiveJournal a few days ago in which he sang, and (in my biased opinion) it was adorable. :)

So...that's enough for now. I'll post another update when I have the pictures up from my concert. :)

bye for now,

-baf :)


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