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7:34 a.m. - 2003-11-05
So, yeah.

My past few days have been interesting.

The weekend was fairly normal--spent time with Natalie, went to KoP and spent entirely too much money at Old Navy on clothes for Jamie, went to Cracker Barrel--and then Monday happened. By Monday night I was starting to feel the stirrings of "getting a little sick to my stomach", but I took my usual Pepto/Maalox cocktail and thought I'd be ok. I was feeling sick all night long, and when Jamie woke up in the morning I started feeling worse, which culminated in me taking another dose of Pepto, and then throwing up. Into the tub, no less, since I was sitting on the toilet at the time.

Argh. At least I felt better after that.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We played some Diablo (Steve decided to stay home, since he hasn't been sleeping well because of his cough) and then went to the grocery store after Jamie woke up, and stopped by KFC to pick up some dinner (because I had to go to rehearsal and didn't think I'd have time to cook).

So we get home, we're eating dinner. Steve starts coughing and won't stop. His face is turning all red and it's kind of scary. I ask if he's ok and get no response. All of a sudden he just sort of starts falling over to one side and his eyes close and his whole body relaxes. Yeah, he passed out sitting there in his chair. I jumped up and ran over to him, knocking his plate off the table in the process. He dropped a full bottle of Coke when he passed out, but I was way past caring about that sort of thing. I shook him and shouted his name and he looked at me really confused, like he wasn't sure what had happened. I realized he had no recollection of passing out.

Once I figured out Steve was ok, I turned to Jamie, who was sitting in his high chair watching the whole scene. He started to cry--I'm not sure if I scared him more or if Steve did. It took a *long* time to calm him down. The whole incident was very scary. Apparently, this has happened a few times before, and he doesn't feel the need to go to the doctor about it, but it sure freaked me out. I keep seeing him falling in my mind's eye, and thinking about Tristyn...

Anyway. I have pictures from Halloween, I'll put them up eventually. You can click Jamie's picture in the sidebar to see them in the meantime, though. :)

bye for now,



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